Vaccinations against COVID-19

The Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała informs that vaccinations against COVID-19 are carried out in accordance with the National Immunization Program and guidelines published by the Ministry of Health. Currently, people from group 0 are vaccinated, which include:
  • nodal hospital staff,
  • employees of other entities performing medical activities, including sanitary and epidemiological stations,
  • employees of Nursing Homes and employees of Municipal Social Welfare Centers,
  • employees of pharmacies, pharmacy outlets, medical devices supply points, pharmaceutical wholesalers, including companies transporting drugs,
  • employees of medical universities and students of medical faculties.
  • people employed in medical chambers, nurses and midwives, pharmacies as well as laboratory diagnosticians and physiotherapists;
  • parents of premature babies hospitalized in intensive care units and neonatal pathology.
The above applies to medical and non-medical personnel, i.e. administrative, auxiliary (regardless of the form of employment, also volunteers, interns, etc.) of these entities, as well as companies cooperating with the entity, who are permanently in the entity. People mentioned in stage 0 can apply and be vaccinated, regardless of whether they have already had COVID-19 or not. We inform external entities that report their willingness to vaccinate employees that the rules referred to above should be followed. The hospital declares that it is not responsible for the authorization to vaccinate persons reported by external entities. Persons who report via are asked to contact us by phone (tel. 534 772 113) in order to arrange the date, as there are situations when these reports are not visible in the system. At the same time, we would like to inform you that we are vaccinating about 400-500 people a day and we would like to finish the whole action as soon as possible, so please carefully plan the dates of vaccinations, because there are situations in which the patient misses the set date and it is necessary to call people unplanned in a given period. on the waiting list so that the vaccine does not get damaged. Please also report those willing to vaccinate according to the instruction , and only then to set the date of vaccination (these applications must be officially sent to the Ministry of Health in order to generate referrals).