Vaccinations against Covid-19

Due to the inclusion of the Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała on the list of the so-called nodal hospitals, designated by the Ministry of Health to implement the National Program of Vaccination against Covid – 19, until January 13, 2021. medical entities should send to the Provincial Hospital lists of employees who want to get vaccinated. Coordinator for COVID-19 vaccination on behalf of the Hospital: Ms Alina Juraszek-Basa tel. 810 21 44 address: The first phase of the national immunization program covers doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, as well as administrative and support staff in hospitals, private healthcare institutions and pharmacies. Each medical facility that decides to participate in the program should send it to the following address: a collective list of employees according to the attached template in an editable electronic version (please do not send scans). The list must include: name, surname, information whether it is a medical worker or not, as well as the PESEL number and annotation whether the person is convalescent or not. Each person should complete the Declaration of consent to the processing of personal data (template attached) and send it together with the list. In the e-mail, please also provide a contact number to the person responsible for coordinating vaccinations on behalf of the facility in order to contact us and arrange the exact date.
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