TENDER ANNOUNCEMENT for the lease of 53.5 m2 of land for taxi parking.
pursuant to Resolution No. 2232/288 / V / 2018 of the Management Board of the Śląskie Voivodeship of September 25, 2018 on the adoption of the rules of disposal, lease, rental, use or lending of fixed assets of independent public health care institutions for which the entity creating is the Śląskie Voivodeship, amended by Resolution No. 804/36 / VI / 2019 of the Board of the Śląskie Voivodeship of April 17, 2019 on changing the Principles of managing fixed assets of independent public health care institutions for which the forming entity is the Śląskie Voivodeship, Civil Code: < / div>
Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała announces a tender for:
lease of an area of ​​53.5 m 2 for taxi parking spaces at the Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała
1. Description of the subject of the contract:
1) Area of ​​53.5 m2 intended for taxi parking, located in front of the hospital building “C”.
2) The starting rate of the monthly rent is: PLN 25.00 net (say: twenty-five zlotys) per 1 sq m 2 .
It is possible to get acquainted with the subject of the tender after prior appointment.
3) Bid bond:
Tender deposit in the amount of PLN 1,000.00 (say: one thousand zlotys) must be paid by bank transfer to the Hospital’s bank account : PKO Bank Polski S.A. 54 1020 2528 0000 0102 0539 4954 or at the hospital ticket office (block “C”, 3rd floor, room 325).
The transfer is to be made in such a time as to allow the Hospital to obtain confirmation from its bank that the amount of the deposit is available on the Hospital’s account by the deadline for submitting bids . Lack of confirmation of the bank having the amount of the bid security on the account will be tantamount to not paying the bid security by the Bidder.
4) The offer should include:
a. completed “Offer Form” (attachment to the specification)
b. an up-to-date excerpt from the relevant registry,
c. original power of attorney of the persons signing the offer on behalf of the company submitting the offer, unless it results from other documents attached by the Bidder,
d. proof of payment of the bid security.
The contractor should submit all declarations, certificates and documents in the order specified in point 3. Each of the required documents may be submitted as an original or a photocopy certified to be a true copy of the original by the person submitting the document.
5) Terms:
• Place of offers: Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała, Armii Krajowej 101, 43-316 Bielsko-Biała, Office, 3rd floor.
Offers in closed envelopes with a note –
“Tender offer for the lease of land intended for taxi parking spaces”
– do not open before 01/19/2021 at 12:30 ”
Offers should be submitted by: 19.01.2021. until 12:00.
• Opening of tenders will take place on January 19, 2021 at 12:30 at the Lessor’s seat (Hospital) (block “C”, 3rd floor, room 306).
6) The contact persons for this contract are:
• in terms of content and procedure concerning the subject of the contract: Barbara Czajor- room 315, phone no. 33 8102164, e-mail: bczajor@hospital.com.pl
7) Final information:
a. Documents related to the tender, including: Specification of Tender Conditions, contract template are available on the Hospital’s website.
b. the proposed prices will be compared with other offers. A contract will be signed with the tenderer presenting the best offer.
c. submitting offers does not have to result in concluding a contract. The Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała reserves the right to cancel the tender without giving any reason.
Specification of the tender conditions with the offer form and contract template
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