An appeal to POZ doctors!

Due to the SARS -CoV-2 epidemic, the Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała is a facility that also fights the coronavirus.

We appeal to the Primary Healthcare physicians not to refer patients to the departments which, in the Provincial Hospital, have been transformed into departments intended only for patients with Covid 19. These are departments of internal medicine and diabetes, cardiology, and gastroenterology and internal diseases.

From Saturday, March 20, the ENT and ENT oncology ward will also be allocated entirely to patients with Covid 19.

We would like to remind you that, in accordance with the applicable rules, the Primary Healthcare physician on the referral enters the facility to which the patient is referred. By selecting the above-mentioned departments of our hospital, you additionally burden our Hospital Emergency Department, whose staff is fighting the coronavirus, and 24 hours a day saves the health and life of patients who report with many other ailments.

Counting on your understanding, we ask for help in this difficult time of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic.