Mixed schedules for vaccination against COVID-19 with AstraZeneca, Pfizer / BionTech, Moderna and Janssen

In the Communication No. 9 (ZPŚ.641.158.2021.JK), the Minister of Health allowed the registration system for vaccination against COVID-19 in the National Vaccination Program to be confirmed with the EU Covid Certificate of mixed regimens in the field of Vaxzevria, Comirnaty, Spikevax vaccines in cases where the use of a mixed regimen resulted in With:

1. The need to administer a different type of vaccine as the second dose in the vaccination schedule for its completion, when the benefits of terminating the vaccination schedule, despite the side effects following administration of the medicinal product, outweigh the risks in patients, especially in risk of severe Covid-19

2.The occurrence of adverse reactions following administration of the vaccine, including Adverse Vaccine Reaction (NOP), should be recorded according to procedures

3. Information on NOP should also be documented in the vaccination card during a medical visit qualifying for vaccination based on medical documentation

4. The second vaccination should be carried out at the interval specified in the SmPC

5. The doctor decides about the qualification of the person vaccinated for the second dose with a preparation other than the one administered, based on the recorded NOP and health benefits from the end of the vaccination schedule.

6. In the case of a mixed schedule in one vaccination course, a two-dose schedule is used. There are no indications for three doses of vaccines

Dr Bożena Szkolny
Chairwoman of the Hospital Infection Control Team

Krzysztof Pliszek
Deputy Director for Healthcare
Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała