Conditions for administering an additional (third) dose of COVID-19 vaccination

Conditions for an additional (third) dose of vaccination against COVID-19 in the following immunocompromised individuals:

  1. Receiving active cancer therapy
  2. After organ transplants receiving immunosuppressive drugs or biological therapies
  3. After stem cell transplant in the last 2 years
  4. With moderate to severe primary immunodeficiency syndromes,
  5. With HIV infection
  6. Currently being treated with high doses of corticosteroids or other medications that may suppress the immune response
  7. Chronic dialysis for renal failure
An additional (third) dose is applied to the indicated groups with an interval of & gt; 28 days from completion of the 2-dose COVID-19 vaccination schedule
It only applies to patients who have received an mRNA vaccine.
In the absence of an automatically issued e-referral, the attending physician of a given patient may issue a referral himself.
Please find enclosed the text of the full press release no. 11 of the Ministry of Health
Patients should be reported to the Directorate’s Secretariat for an appointment (tel. 2144, 2002)

Dr Bożena Szkolny – Chairwoman of the Hospital Infection Control Team

Krzysztof Pliszek – Deputy Director of Treatment Provincial Hospital in Bielsko-Biała

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