Doctors' station:

33 810 21 80

Nurses' station:

33 810 21 83


Blok A, piętro V

Head of the Department:
Tomasz Michalski, MD, PhD

Ward nurse:
Danuta Kustra, MA


The Department of Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine has 35 beds, has a gastroenterological profile, but virtually all internal medicine cases are treated.

In this department, as one in Silesia, after the Gastroenterology Clinic in Katowice, doctors specialize in internal diseases, completing mandatory internships in gastroenterology, and the department is also accredited for gastroenterology.

Diagnostics is carried out on the basis of the most modern endoscopy laboratory, an imaging diagnostics facility, as well as a laboratory diagnostics facility, and on the basis of close cooperation with other departments and laboratories of the local hospital.

The existing endoscopy laboratory is one of the best equipped endoscopic facilities.

The department is accredited to educate doctors specializing in gastroenterology. It also has a Crohn’s disease treatment program.

As part of the services provided, the endoscopy laboratory performs diagnostic tests of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, polypectomy of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, endoscopic inhibition of bleeding and removal of foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal tract. Annually, the laboratory performs about 3,000 tests and treatments.

Procedures in the endoscopy laboratory are performed by doctors from the gastroenterology department, who constantly improve their qualifications. The laboratory also has a test registration system.