The Imaging Diagnostics Department includes:

1. Department of Classic and Digital X-ray diagnostics.
2. Department of Computed Tomography,
3. Magnetic Resonance Department,
4. Department of Vascular Research,
5. Ultrasound Department,
6. Department of Lithotripsy.

In our Department, examinations are performed and consulted by eleven doctors, including three with a second degree of specialization.

Classical and Digital X-ray Department

We have three stations for bone photos, two stations for chest photos, one station for special photos in post-traumatic cases, and an X-ray machine for graphography. We take pictures of all bone elements, both in adults and children from zero age, urographs, HSG, ureteropielographs, cystographs, voiding cystographs, fistulographs.

Computed Tomography Department

We have a spiral TK 16-row Light Speed machine with 0.4 second scanning time. The device is equipped with an automatic syringe, with two workstations enabling comprehensive research development, including vascular and spatial reconstructions, coronary vessel examinations with the possibility of performing automatic vascular analysis, necessary for the qualification for intra-vascular procedures. We perform computer tomography of any part of the body, vascular reconstructions, dynamic scans, 3D reconstructions. Under the control of CT, we perform targeted fine-needle biopsies of focal lesions in the lungs, pleura, mediastinum and abdominal and pelvic organs as well as the osteoarticular system. We also perform long-term analgesia of the intervertebral joints under the control of CT.

Magnetic Resonance Department

We have a 1.5 Tesla Signa HDX camera.
We have the ability to perform MR examinations of any part of the body in the T1, T2, Pd, Flair spin echo sequences and with Stir fat saturation. We perform vascular sequences in the arterial, venous and malformation areas. We also perform MR cholangiography, also dynamic examination after intravenous administration of Wed. Contrasting. The apparatus is equipped with an automatic syringe.

Vascular Research Department

We have a device equipped with an automatic Angiomat syringe. We perform diagnostic tests of the entire vascular system from the arterial access and we have the option of performing vascular tests with the administration of an intravenous contrast agent. We also perform medical procedures such as embolization and vessel recanalization using the balloon method as well as the implantation of stents and stent grafts.

Ultrasound Department

We perform ultrasound of the organs of the abdominal cavity, small pelvis, gynecology and obstetrics, the prostate gland, the osteoarticular system, superficial organs and endorectal examinations. We have two ultrasound machines with the Doppler version of the arterial and venous systems, we perform Doppler ultrasound examinations of most of the body’s vessels. We have the ability to perform transcranial and transudic examinations in children and adults. Under ultrasound control, we also perform biopsies of surface organs, the abdominal cavity, the smaller pelvis and the osteoarticular system.

Lithotripsy Department

With the participation of a team of urologists from the Urology Department of our hospital, we perform procedures of breaking kidney stones.