Doctors' station:

33 810 25 81

Nurses' station:

33 810 25 85


Block E, 2nd floor

Head of the Department:
Gabriela Gajer, MD, PhD

Ward nurse:
Beata Gawlas, MA


Department of Internal Medicine and Diabetology

It is an internal medicine ward with a diabetology profile. Patients with acute internal diseases as well as patients for diagnostics are admitted here. The majority of patients are diabetic, the most common are cases of diabetes metabolic incompetence, as well as patients with its various complications.

The department has a well-qualified medical and nursing staff, 5 doctors specialize in diabetes. There are 20 nurses employed in the ward – all of them have completed the basic diabetes knowledge course. We have 8 diabetes educators in our team who provide comprehensive care for patients with diabetes. Based on educational training, they prepare for self-control, self-care and self-care at home.

The branch works according to the standards. These are, among others:

pressure ulcer prevention standard,
standard for the prevention of nosocomial infections,
standard of care for patients with MRSA,

At present, a standard of care for patients with a diabetic foot is being developed.
Due to such specificity, the department is focused on performing tests in the field of metabolic diseases, including: glycemic profiles, glycated hemoglobin, glucose loading test, microalbuminuria, C-peptide determinations, serum insulin, glucagon-C-peptide test after glucagon, diagnostics complications of diabetes, micro- and macroangiopathy, neuropathy (EMG), vascular doppler, fundus assessment.

The department is equipped with the following medical equipment:

EKG machine,
infusion pumps for continuous drug delivery,
3 cardiomonitors,
pulse oximeter,

The department educates patients on basic information on diabetes, its treatment, prevention of complications, as well as self-control, practical insulin therapy and diet. Patients leaving the ward are prepared for self-care, self-control and self-care at home.
There is also a Diabetes Clinic at the department. An intensive metabolic care room is being organized.

The staff of our department tries to provide patients not only with a high level of care, but also through a smile and friendly conversation to create a friendly atmosphere, because the well-being and satisfaction of patients is our overriding goal.