Department of Pathomorphology is a relatively new and well-equipped Department. It was organized, first as the Laboratory of Cytodiagnostics in 2000, and since July 2004 it has been operating as a full-profile Department of Pathomorphology.

We perform approx. 20,000 histopathological examinations and approx. 10,000 cytological examinations per year.

We have a quality management certificate ISO 9001: 2008 and a license of the Accreditation Committee of the Polish Society of Pathologists.

The plant is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 2:30 pm

Department office: tel / fax: 033 810 24 34


The Department of Pathomorphology consists of:

  • Histopathological part – location: part B of the main building of the Hospital, ground floor – access via “-1” next to Magnetic Resonance
  1. Histopathology laboratory – tel: 33 810 24 34, 33 810 24 28
  2. Cytology laboratory – tel: 33 810 24 38
  3. Intraoperative research laboratory
  4. Histochemical staining laboratory
  5. Immunohistochemical laboratory – 33 810 24 37
  6. Conductive biopsies are performed in the ultrasound office of the Hospital’s Imaging Diagnostics Department
  • Prosectorium with the dissection laboratory – location: building G behind the main building of the Hospital – tel: 33 810 20 17

Scope of research :

– Histopathological examination of sections and postoperative materials in accordance with the recommendations of the Polish Society of Pathologists and with WHO standards
– Intraoperative research
– Histochemical staining (including: AB + PAS, Papanicolau, Giemsa, mucicarmine, Sudan III, Sirius Red, silver plating). Examination of tissues requiring preliminary
– Immunohistochemical tests with the use of DAKO antibodies
– Performing and evaluation of fine needle biopsy (FNAB), also – under ultrasound guidance, and deep lesions – under Computed Tomography guidance
– Exfoliative cytology: including gynecological cytology, bronchial cytology, nasal cavity, body fluids
– The department performs gynecological cytology
– We use a unique millipore method to obtain material from low-cell fluids
– Scientific and medical section with a histopathological examination of the samples taken and the writing of an autopsy protocol
– Evaluation of preparations provided for consultation
– In the case of materials exceeding the diagnostic capabilities of the team, after appropriate protection, they are sent to reference centers
for consultation and / or performing additional tests.


– Specimens for histopathological examinations should be delivered in labeled containers with properly filled referral, fixed in 10% formalin
in a buffered volume 10 times the volume of the material.
– Fine needle biopsies are performed on Wednesdays at 12:00. Other dates should be agreed by phone with the Department’s physician
– The date of the intraoperative examination should be arranged with the Department’s physician each time, at least one day in advance
– The initial result of the autopsy is provided immediately after or during the examination – to the clinician attending the section. The Final Protocol of the Section is issued after
performing histopathological examinations of the specimens – one month after the examination.
– Method of preparation and protection of cytological materials – available for download in the Department.
There are prosecution sections in the dissecting room

In the attachment:
Procedure for the collection, fixation, transport and transfer of tissue material for histopathological examination
Referral for histopathological examination