Doctors' station:

33 810 25 02

Nurses' station:

33 810 25 00


Block A, ground floor


Head of the Department
Robert Drabczyk, MD, PhD


Ward nurse
Anna Kliś, MA

The Dialysis Station of the Provincial Hospital has 20 stations for extracorporeal renal replacement therapy for patients with chronic kidney disease and acute kidney damage, as well as in cases of acute poisoning. The department is equipped with modern Frezenius hemodialysis machines and modern BBraun dialysis chairs.

The department’s nursing team consists of 24 nurses specializing in nephrology and internal medicine nursing, and the medical staff of 7 doctors, all of whom are nephrology specialists or in the field of specialization. This allows for the professional implementation of medical services for patients and the training of new staff.

The dialysis station is open 24 hours a day, and the equipment allows you to adjust the treatment to the individual needs of patients. Hemodialysis machines, colloquially called “artificial kidneys”, allow to perform hemodialysis and isolated ultra-filtration procedures. There is a dedicated room for hemodialysis treatment in patients requiring intensive care in the ward. The station has separate stands for patients infected with HCV and HBV.

The Dialysis Station can provide guest dialysis for patients from all over Poland, temporarily staying in Bielsko-Biała and nearby tourist destinations.