Necessary documents

blood group (original), vaginal swab


For childbirth:

- 1 short shirt,
- still mineral water (large and small with a spout)
- snacks, e.g. raisins, crisp bread, bran cookies


During the stay in the hospital

- toiletries + 2 towels, disposable towels
- large, absorbent pads - 2 packets
- disposable bed pads 60x90 - 5 pcs - thermometer, 3 sachets of Tantum Rosa, soap and - bathrobe, socks, slippers
- a plaything useful for feeding
- 2 unzipped shirts, comfortable, non-tight bra
- a mug,
- e.g. a pen
- to "kangaroo"
- 2 pcs. Diapers
- 1 flannel diaper, 1 soft blanket or towel, 1 disposable diaper


To leave the hospital:

- baby clothes: t-shirt, sweater, rompers, hat cone, diaper and - blanket, car seat
- clothes, underwear for mom, shoes


Recommended items for the baby

During the stay in the hospital, the child is provided with basic underwear: jackets, rompers, nappies and a swaddle. However, right after birth, it is worth putting on home clothes that have a bacterial flora that is beneficial to the skin and is "friendly" to the toddler. Clothes and diapers should be washed, ironed and left for 2 weeks covered with a diaper (but not in foil) so that they colonize with household bacteria.

For the first two hours after giving birth, we recommend that you prepare a soft terry towel and a flannel diaper to cover your baby.

During your stay in the department you must take:
- bodysuits or jackets, about 5 pcs - rompers, approx. 5 pcs - thin gloves or thin socks
- cloth or flannel diapers, approx. 5 pcs - disposable diapers
- wet wipes
- a blanket or a cone