Doctors' station:

33 810 26 13

Nurses' station:

33 810 28 00

Nurses' station:

Blok E, piętro I

Head of the Department:
lek. med. Michał Dudek

Ward nurse:
Bernadetta Wójcik, MSc

The department is located in the immediate vicinity of the Intensive Care Unit and the Central Operating Block. We have a covered driveway for ambulances and other vehicles, the so-called warm entrance hall.

We cover the following areas:

the area of ​​segregation and admission, which enables the initial assessment of the patient and referral to further areas of activity (it also registers patients admitted to the hospital),
the consultation and treatment area provides assistance in the following areas:
internal diseases,
general and vascular surgery,
orthopedic and traumatic surgery,
gynecology and obstetrics.
This area provides the opportunity to examine the patient and implement preliminary treatment measures, as well as perform some procedures in the field of urology, ENT, ophthalmology, and trauma surgery.
the treatment area allows for the treatment of multi-organ injuries. arm C.
The observation and short-term intensive care area has 4 beds equipped with the equipment and apparatus necessary for the treatment and observation of the patient, it also offers the possibility of treatment with the use of a ventilator.

The Emergency Department has an S ambulance equipped with a defibrillator, a transport respirator, fracture protection systems, orthopedic boards and collars for adults and children, vacuum mattresses, a KED vest and resuscitation bags – pediatric, delivery and dressing.

We offer training in the field of intubation, heart massage, cricothyroidism and other life-saving procedures.