33 810 24 02


Blok B, parter

Plant manager
Anna Bajorska, MA

Deputy Plant Manager
Bożena Urbańska, MA


The collection point is open from Monday to Friday 7:30 to 10:30

The staff of our plant is a team of highly qualified people with many years of experience, led by a specialist in laboratory medical diagnostics, Anna Bajorska.

We perform a full range of tests in the field of:
– clinical biochemistry,
– general analytics,
– hematology,
– immunology,
– virology,
– microbiology,
– endocrinology,
– diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus: C-peptide, HBA1C,
– diagnosis of myeloma.

We also perform specialist tests:
– hs troponin T,
– Pro BNP –
– CRP,
– D-dimers,
– immunodiagnosis of connective tissue diseases (ANA, ANCA, ds DNA, p / c AMA, ASMA),
– determination of Giargia lamblia antigen by serological method,
– determination of drug susceptibility using the MIC method,
– Lyme disease diagnostics (including Western-Blot tests),
– diagnosis of celiac disease,
– determination of toxin A and B for Clostridum Difficile,
– determination of endotoxins in dialysis fluids.

We work with diagnostic devices from the world’s best companies and have certificates of reliability for analytical and microbiological tests issued by national and international laboratory testing control centers.