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Neonatology Clinic takes care of children treated in the Department of Newborn Pathology of our hospital, as well as all premature babies from our area treated in other hospitals and clinics. He deals with the diagnosis and treatment of prolonged neonatal jaundice, coordination of developmental care for premature and other low-weight neonates, with diseases resulting from prematurity, congenital defects and abnormal development in the neonatal period. He provides counseling in the field of nutrition and immunoprophylaxis.

Assessment of the general condition includes the assessment of growth, physical examination, analysis of laboratory morphological tests (iron supply), selected biochemical tests (including calcium-phosphate metabolism) and selected imaging tests (X-ray, ultrasound), assessment of possible endocrine disorders, assessment of psychomotor development and depending on referring to ophthalmological, ENT, cardiological or neurological examinations.

As part of the clinic’s activity, we run the SYNAGIS drug program – the prevention of RS virus infection by administering a specific human immunoglobulin – Palivizumab. It is a humanized monoclonal antibody of IgG class, which is administered intramuscularly every month in the period of increased risk of the disease (ie from October 1 to April 30) – 3-5 doses. Most of our patients begin their drug delivery while they are still in the hospital. Due to the high cost of prophylaxis in Poland, it is used under the reimbursement drug program. Currently, pursuant to the decision of the Ministry of Health, it includes newborns and infants born before 33 weeks of pregnancy and infants diagnosed with bronchopulmonary dysplasia who meet certain criteria.

The collection point for children treated at the clinic is open every Monday and Friday from 8: 00-10: 00 in the office of the Newborn Pathology Clinic

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