Doctors' station:

33 810 25 12

Nurses' station:

33 810 25 24


Blok E, piętro II

Head of the Department: dr n. Med.
Aleksandra Włodarczyk

Ward nurse:
Bożena Urbańska, MA


The Neonatal Ward of the Provincial Hospital is an exceptionally safe place for a newborn and especially friendly to women who value the possibility of being with their children at all times.

The department works 24/7 in the “rooming-in” system, which means the possibility of “kangarooing” after childbirth, feeding on demand, participating at every stage in the child’s diagnostic and / or therapeutic process. Young mothers are supported by an international lactation consultant and midwives trained in teaching the techniques of latching a newborn to the breast, which helps to properly develop and maintain lactation. If the patient is particularly exhausted from childbirth or the termination of pregnancy occurs as a result of a cesarean section, she can, of course, count for a moment to breathe and in such a situation the child is looked after by qualified medical personnel.

Newborns are admitted to the ward, whose health condition allows them to be in the room with their mothers, which in practice means at least 34 weeks of pregnancy and weighing no less than 1900-2000 grams. If, despite the fulfillment of these threshold conditions, the child has significant health problems, primarily those requiring respiratory support, they can count on immediate help in the Newborn Pathology Unit, which is adjacent to the rooming unit and offers care at the 3rd level of referentiality. When abnormalities appear during the stay in the Neonatal Unit, requiring extended diagnostics and / or conservative treatment, the child remains with his mother until complete recovery. All therapeutic procedures, including phototherapy, are performed in the room in the presence of the mother.

The Neonatal Unit is part of the Provincial Hospital, which enables the use of a modern laboratory base and radiological diagnostics with the latest generation equipment. Medical care is provided by specialists in neonatology and paediatrics. The department cooperates with specialists in ophthalmology, cardiology, pediatric surgery, neurology and a pediatric physiotherapist. Nursing care is provided by midwives, specialist in neonatal nursing.

In order to meet the growing needs, the renovation of the ward is planned in the near future, which will improve the comfort of mothers’ stay with their children and meet the expectations of patients to a greater extent.

When deciding to give birth in the hospital, every woman and her newborn child can count on kind and professional care.