Doctors' station:

33 810 23 52

Nurses' station:

33 810 23 55


Blok A, piętro VI


Head of the Department and MD Krzysztof Pliszek


Ward nurse and piel. dipl. Agata Kramarczyk

The local department performs a full range of urological operations – from the smallest to the most complex. The activity of the department focuses on the treatment of patients with oncological diseases. This mainly applies to patients with cancers of the bladder, prostate and kidneys. The department performs treatments as part of the Oncology Package. Modern cancer diagnostics is possible thanks to a visual track equipped with narrow light beam imaging and a prostate fusion biopsy apparatus.

Highly specialized treatment of patients with urological diseases and a wide range of treatments are possible thanks to the high level of training of the medical staff and very good equipment of the Central Operating Room, Endoscopy Laboratory and Imaging Diagnostics Department. The department provides services both in hospitalization and in one-day mode.

Patients with urolithiasis are treated comprehensively. The department has equipment for extracorporeal crushing of plaque (ESWL), crushing and removing stones from the kidney through its percutaneous puncture (PCNL) and removing stones from the ureters (URS). The laser that is equipped with the department enables effective and safe crushing of deposits during endoscopic procedures.

Thanks to the urodynamics laboratory, it is possible to fully diagnose and treat patients with urinary incontinence or ailments from the lower urinary tract. In the ward, it is possible to treat urinary incontinence using the method of tape suspension of the urethra.
The Hospital Urology Clinic provides comprehensive diagnostics and treatment. Each of the patients operated on in our department has the possibility of post-hospital outpatient care at the Outpatient Clinic. Patients with bladder cancer can be treated with BCG infusions (suspension of mycobacterium tuberculosis with reduced virulence). Patients with suspected or diagnosed neoplastic disease are admitted as part of the Oncology Package.

The department is accredited by the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education to specialize in urology.
Patients for elective treatment are admitted on the basis of a referral from a health insurance physician. Patients wishing to benefit from treatment in our ward are asked to report to the secretariat on working days from 9 am to 1 pm with a complete medical documentation and a list of medications taken.

Emergency admissions take place through the Hospital Emergency Department.